This is definitely a year of stepping out of my box. In my early 20s, I was a vivacious New Yorker, with dreams some would say were out of control. I dreamt big, I dreamt often. Then doubt step in and I started to wonder about so many things around me that were inconsequential, but they were made relevant in some shape or form, in my mind.

Honestly, I psyched myself out, and that's what we do sometimes. We think we have a great idea or something that we want to do, but then, almost right away we insert that BUT. For some, that simple 3 letter word becomes like a brick wall. I started thinking about this and the best thing that we should do with a BUT is to sit on it. And yes, there is absolutely a difference between a BUT and your BUTT, isn’t it interesting though, that it’s spelled in such a similar way.

So yes, the best thing for you to do with your BUT is to sit on it. Everything that comes after a but in a sentence, is most times the thing that negates everything in the statement before. And usually, the but represents the thoughts and feelings of others; the people who would talk you out of what you want to do. BUTs are distractions, they are the roadblocks that stand between you and your goals or ideas.

Coming into this year, I knew I wanted to have this blog and I sat on the idea for months. When I decided to start writing and getting content together, all of the negative chatter came in my head. But, who wants to hear anything from me? But, what if people think I'm being full of myself? But, what if no one comes on my page? But, what if I fail? There are other people doing so many blogs. Then, people in my circle started doing blogs and motivational videos. It took me a couple months to get through all of that negative chatter in my head. We are our worst enemy sometimes, when we start to do something.

Many of us may say, no, I'm just thinking about what this person may say or a family member may say. Well sweetheart, let me tell you, there is no one saying that can keep anything in your thoughts, it's you. We just assign blame to the chatter. We all know the people in our lives that we think may say certain things, we all have those "negative Nancy's". They can't speak on new thoughts that come to your mind . You never know, that person who you picture being negative, may actually be you best cheerleader. After reading this post you may need to apologize to some family and friends, for assigning your negative chatter to their face or the way you think of them.

When I started to write this piece, that Black-eyed Peas song kept pumping in my head, “what you going to do with all that junk, all that junk inside your trunk.” YES, it is really a whole lot of junk, all the junk that you have swelling around you, telling you that the idea or the thing you want to do isn’t going to work. All the negative chatter that we even assign to certain people in our lives, that comes after the BUT. It prevents you from going toward your destiny.

Everything that we think about, controls what we do in our lives. It's time you stop paying attention to the BUTs, stop putting BUT in your future. Keep focus on what you want to do in this life and keep the BUTs where they belong, behind you.

For me, I replaced my BUT with SO WHAT! So what, if no one wants to hear from me? So what, if people think I'm being full of myself? So what, if no one comes on my page? So what, if I fail? So what, that there are other people doing so many blogs. At least I tried. I can hold my head up high knowing that I didn't stop and questioned what I could have done, I did it.

Clear the space for the thing that you desire, get rid of that junk and move forward into your future....and Get Caryed Away.

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