We're So Fake

We are so fake. We dress up our lives and display it in public as our reality. We even have Reality TV that has faked us out so much we think that the people we watch actually have a real connections when the cameras go off. We package ourselves in the way that we want others to see us. Sometimes even well enough to fool ourselves. But really, who is going to put their mess out for all the world to see, and if we did, can anyone stand to see it?

We are so conditioned to putting our best face forward, it’s easy for us to hide our pain. It’s no wonder mental health issues have become rampant in our society. We no longer speak to each other. We live our lives through text messages and social media. Many say that people are so fake on social media, but honestly, most of us live fake lives. Many of us have masked ourselves in daily life. We go to work, we go to school, we go out socially, where we give people the presumption that we are happy and we are okay, but then go home, take everything off and some can’t face the mirror as themselves.

I’ve heard so many blame social media, I say social media isn’t to blame. Social media is just the amplification of how we show our lives. Our society today uses, “how are you?” as just a greeting. When was the last time you asked “Hi, how are you?” and actually waited for the response? Today, it seems that phrase is truly just a call and response succession, “Hi, how are you?” with a quick, “Good, how are you?” or “I’m fine, thanks,” and just keep it moving.

Our lives are too polite. Most feel like sharing the hard things in life is too much of a burden on friends and even family. We only like to show the pretty picture of our lives to the world, then close the door and cry alone. But no, now we close the doors, cry alone, while posting pictures of how fabulously we spent the day wearing our masks. And if you do share what is really going on in your life, you may be considered to be “oversharing” and will be quickly unfollowed by “friends”. Well of course, because our “friends” are now people that we met once or twice or maybe whom we run in the same social circles with, who when we actually see each other face to face we may not even recognize who they are.

Our phones log numbers of people whom we don’t even call. My phone lists over 120 people in my contacts, yet I rarely have more than 5 people with whom I regularly speak with, that is not business related. Yes, I text and PM many more, but that has become so impersonal and messages can easily get misunderstood. Many of us have more conversations with robo-callers than we do with humans over the phone. The jingle for New York Telephone used to say, “we’re all connected,” but now it seems that our phones or “smartphones” rather have made us become disconnected.

Join me in this challenge. Get from behind your screen, look up from your smartphone, ask genuinely “Hi, how are you?” and wait for the response. Check in on a friend. Not by text, not on Twitter, Facebook or any other type of social media, pick up the phone and have a conversation. You never know, you just may save someone’s day or even their life. Show someone you care. We all need to take care of each other. Phone a friend, have a blessed day, and….Get Caryed Away.