Finding Your Purpose

If the definition of one’s purpose is to find what defines them, then, what really defines you? Your purpose is ingrained in your being, what makes you happiest, what makes you the best you. Finding, no discovering your purpose in what is greater than you.

Oprah Winfrey has often said, when she was demoted from anchoring the news, to what seemed to be puff pieces on a local talk show, that was the day that she stopped working. She in fact began what became her purpose. Speaking to people that were inspired or inspiring, from all walks of life, brought her joy and fulfillment and bringing that to the world, fulfilled so many others.

When Oprah walks into a room, some cry, some are ecstatic, some even faint. At times I thought it seemed like hero worship. I mean, I like Oprah too, but I thought some people were just going off the deep-end. Then it dawned on me. There is an aww, an aurora in which someone like Oprah carries. She carries that aww inspiring glow of someone who is walking, living and breathing their purpose.

These are the people who inspire us, these are the people that we want to be like. It’s really not so much hero-worship, they are like magnets. We are all made with a purpose and we are inspired by those who have found their purpose in life. Look at those people that you enjoy being around, the people you draw wisdom from. The pastor, the teacher, the worshiper, the mother, that when you see them, there is that feeling that you have or you may say, I want to be like them. But, it’s not them, it’s the God in them, of them walking in the light of their purpose.

Your purpose needs to be grounded in something that is bigger than you. For some that is

being a mother, it may give you satisfaction, but the value, the meaning is bigger than you. As a mother, it was my duty bring life into the world, I was a vessel. There are some that may continue on to build, encourage and teach into the child that God gave them. Those seeds that we plant into our children manifests into the adult they become and so on. I believe that understanding your purpose, the core of it brings you back to doing the work of God. All purpose all goes back to a higher power, the knowing that what you are doing goes back to a greater good.

I have been sharing my journey with you in this blog and I saw it as something I wanted to do. I wanted to share with others my, as Oprah would say, “Ah-ha moments” to encourage breakthroughs and help others to live their best lives. I stepped out of my comfort zone, scared, but once I started doing it, it felt like home. Which brings me to my inspiration for this post. 7 teens that got me to believe again.

I was asked to coach a drama team for my church youth Fine Arts program. Though I have lead a drama team before and even written and directed plays, I felt somewhat out of my element, having not done this for a number of years. I accepted the challenge, jumped right in, with my knees knocking and butterflies in my stomach, as usual. They must have been able to smell the fear and doubt all over me.

Just because I took on the challenge, doesn’t mean that doubt didn’t come into play for me. Though, over the weeks and months that we worked together, having the pleasure of pouring into these awesome teens and seeing them grow, the memories of being in youth ministry came back to me. I loved connecting with them, even at time forgetting my own age. At our Fine Arts competition this weekend I was able to see them fulfill their passions in ministry. They were awesome. I felt like the proud mama. As we waited, with baited breath for our category to be called and to find out if we would be moving on, I prayed and was overjoyed when our drama was called first. Talk about a Whoopi Goldberg, Sister Act 2 moment, and then there it was, purpose.

Joy bubbled through every inch of my body, I wanted to scream. I was so proud of the work that they had done and realizing that I was a part of that too. They moved me in so many ways, the artistry, the commitment and the ministry that was displayed, brought me home. Finding a place of home, that’s what purpose brings you.

The connection between your task, heart and soul, is where you end up feeling whole. Finding your purpose may not always be easy, but it’s most times in the unlikely situations, but when you find it, you will know. The best gift you can give yourself, is to step into your purpose. It is my hope that you find you light, step into your purpose and as always…Get Caryed Away.

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