Get Caryed Away

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Sharing is almost never a bad thing. I am a mother, a wife, and I love to write. Storytelling seems to be something I do naturally and in the process, I have often given advice to friends, that sometimes even shocks me. I strive to help others, may it be with and encouraging word or sometimes hard truth. In all, I try to share things that will help people grow.

In 2018 something amazing happened to me, I became an author. I wrote the children's book, Everyone, Just Like Me, and that snowball effect of my passion for writing and has led me down this gratifying journey.

My husband has always encouraged me to possibly write a blog, and my best-friend thinks I should be a motivational speaker, but fear often kept me from stepping out of my box, to do either. So, here I go, this is me, taking a leap, becoming a blogger and putting myself out there more than I have ever before. I don't claim to know anything, but life has taught me some interesting things, so why not share. I've overcome a lot, to get to where I am today, and maybe something I share, may help you. Like, hey are you still in living in that box, screaming to find your way out? Well, muscle up buttercup, fight, claw, kick or punch your way out of that box. Forget the world, do it for you, it's your time. Most of the stories I share, will be personal and self-reflective, a testimony of a sort. I'll talk about my family, friends and all with a sprinkling of my faith. Lessons I've learned and ones I'm still learning. One thing I have learned is, there are no mistakes in life, there are just lessons you have not yet qualified. So, come on, take this journey with me, and Get Caryed Away.

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