My Funny Valentine

I don't know why, but this Valentine's post led me down various paths. Some that I may explore in later posts, but I just need to get real for a moment. I started wanting to write about self love and not needing Valentine's Day to feel loved, then I went down the path of, if you're married why do you need Valentine's Day to express that love.  And I still do believe all of that and yes, may post those a bit later. For now, and this is why I love this blog, my memory was jolted to my favorite Valentine.

I have always been an uber romantic, you ask me for ideas of a nice date or a fairy tale wedding and I AM THERE. I think life and just the hustle and bustle that I have had over the past few months have just left me in a weird twlight zone, where everything has been a blur and made me a Valentine cynic.

The favorite Valentine's Day was with my then boyfriend, now husband. We had been dating for about 9 months and in our various states of is he the one, can I see a future with him? A least I was. I knew where I wanted a relationship to end up, him, not so much. He just wanted to have fun, finish college and if the time came, maybe he would think about marriage, but I digress. 

He had been asking for a while if there was anything special I wanted to do for Valentine's Day, I was pledging a sorority at the time and was not really supposed to be concentrating on having a boyfriend, let alone having plans for Valentine's Day. Those were the rules, don't ask me why, needless to say, I didn't go all the way. My pledge group had gotten in trouble for some reason or another and I was chosen to report to my Pledge Dean's home early Valentine's morning, to recite something and probably bring her breakfast, the details are sketchy, but that wasn't the memorable part. My boyfriend, who still loves his sleep, but has given it up for marriage :), brought me all to Queens and waited, while I accomplished my task.

It was enough that he drove me from Brooklyn to Queens, for something that had nothing to do with him and he was off the hook for Valentine's Day, so I expected nothing. On our way back to Brooklyn, he stopped the car and pulled out a bouquet of flowers, white Lilies, white Roses, blue Forget-Me-Nots and Bluebells, from behind my seat.

I remember exactly, because he explained that there was a meaning behind it. It was the most special bouquet of flowers I had ever received. He didn't just go to the florist and picked out a random bouquet, he selected flowers (he didn't know the names, but that's alright) and had it arranged. The white, was for his favorite color, and the blue, my favorite color. He had me at "I got you flowers". When he explained that the bouquet was a symbol of the two of us together, I could have cried. I was caught up in a myriad of emotions, my palms were sweaty, I was blushing so much, I think I could have really been red. Just, WOW!!! 

I was speechless and still get all the feels whenever I think of that day. It wasn't about Valentine's Day, it was the unexpected thought and effort that he put into it. And though, we unexpectedly broke up 4 days later, I am thankful that the next time he stopped a car to say something to me, it was when he asked me to marry him.

Don't just make it about a day, make it about a life. Share love, especially with your spouse, every day, and as always....Get Caryed Away.

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