Seasons Change

Spring is in the air! Trees are sprouting new leaves, flower beds are coming to life and the birds that flew south, are returning. It is a magical time of the year, and my favorite season. The new beginnings, new life and renewal that comes with this time of year, often gets me thinking about the things that God is making new in my life.

I’ll be very honest, I am at times an impatient person, especially with my hopes and dreams. I like to see things happen right away. And it’s frustrating when I have to wait. I have dreams, aspirations and goals that I want to see come to fruition, and patience isn’t always my besy virtue. Why God, WHY? Why do I have to wait?

I had my Winter, and it was long and sometimes unbearable. I felt frozen and stuck in one

place. Then there were times when I felt as if I was slipping on ice, spinning around, unable to get my grip. I craved the warmth of seasons past and to be released from the blistering winds of the blizzarding cold. For the past almost 4 years, I had been without a steady job. I was finally qualified in the career that I loved, I had my hobbies, which some of them could lead to careers, but I could not get hired for a full-time job. I was a contractor for companies, helping them build, but without making myself at home. I always felt uneasy as a contractor, because I wanted to know that I was doing something with my career and having stability is always a good thing.

In that time, even though, I was jumping from company to company, so much so that my resume began to look like a jumbled mess. At each company though, I was able to sharpen my skills and learn different industries. Then, my hodge podge mess of experiences, made me perfect for my current position. As I looked back on the past 4 years, I had built up my skills, I had to learn quickly and transition well and most of all, I had to understand job seekers. So, in my Winter season, my skills, knowledge and understanding were being curated underground. As it says in Ecclesiastes 3 vs 1, “To everything there is a season, and a time to everyone purpose under the heaven.”

The blessings we are hoping and waiting for, needs to meet us in the right season. You’re Winter may seem harsh, brutal and long, but Spring is coming, where you can bloom confidently and be refreshed. Your time will come when you can step out and feel the sun melt into your skin, feel the cool breeze awaken your senses and breathe in the crisp air feeling it move through your soul.

There are so many blessings awaiting you in your new season. Be patient as God prepares you, Spring is coming, where you can Get Caryed Away!

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