Spring Break...Woohoo!

It Spring Break season, everyone is trying to get away and so am I. My boys and I are going over the river and through the woods...ok, not really. We are going to Grandma's, but by way of the friendly skies. In efforts to keep the skies friendly, here are some tips that I am using on this trip.

This is the first time I have flown by myself with children. YIKES!!! I am cautiously optimistic that this flight will go as planned, but I am braving it anyway. Honestly, I think I'm out of my mind for even attempting this, but at least my husband has faith that I will pull through. Getting through to your gate on time -  A couple weeks ahead of this trip, I registered to do Pre-check, to eliminate the hassle and the long lines to get through security. All I had to do was register online and go to the nearby airport to finish the process. This took only 5 minutes, and children under 12 can travel through Pre-check FREE, once they are with a registered adult. Now it's travel day. We decided to travel early and on Sunday. This is great if you are traveling with kids, this is possibly the easiest time to fly. I assigned each child a bag that they are responsible for. Sometimes easier said than done, but this time it worked. One thing that didn't work as planned, my Pre-check. So this tip will be helpful for someone else and for future trips. If your name doesn't print fully on your boarding pass, have your driver license ready as you go through Pre-check. Thankfully, it was still painless and quicker than the regular security check point. Take-off and landing - How many of you have problems with you ears popping with the change of air pressure? Well, remember that little ears may have issues as well. Here's a tip I learned to avoiding air pressure problems for children. With babies, use a pacifier, with older children, give them a snack or lollipops. The sucking or chewing will help to eliminate the pressure buildup that will cause their ears to pop.  Besides packing your patience, pack activities and pack snacks. While flying, you need to expect the unexpected and that most times means flight delays and you will want to make sure the little ones are kept occupied and fed. Our flight was delayed for almost 2 hours, thankfully, electronic devices were fully charged. In-flight - You most likely will not be able to prevent you child from kicking the back of the seats in front of them, but they really aren't trying to be annoying, they are just trying to use it as a foot rest. Just apologize to the person in that seat, most times, they will understand. That brings me to another point, most travelers will sympathize with you, so just don't think you're being a bother. Well, we had some hiccups, but we survived the first part of our trip. Hopefully these tips will help you as you enjoy your Spring Break and....Get Caryed Away.  

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