Updated: Mar 31, 2019

As International Woman’s Month, comes to an end, there are so many women in my life the have paved the way, pushed me and encouraged me to be all the woman that I am today. The wife, the mother, the sister, the friend, the encourager, the servant of God, the examples of what it means to be a woman, go on and on.

Beauty, grace and style are not the only things that women have to offer. Being a mother, a teacher, soft and warm are not the only attributes that we have. In the past few months uplifted by a few key women in my life, some who even without knowing it, they have dragged me out of self-doubt, challenged me to be better and to stand in my own skin, take life in and give my best.

This is the best way I know how to give a tribute to such GIANTS. You are Woman, and this is for you!


By Carylee Carrington

Woman! Woman you are brilliant, you are exquisite and you are sufficient

There were only a few days that you did not roam the Earth

But God saw that man without you would be too lonely, so that was the day of your birth

You’ve been credited with the rise of man and also his fall

With circumstances so convoluted, sometimes excluded from the conversation, but invited to the ball

They call us Oprah, Michelle and Malala, those trailblazing the pathways of today

Never forgetting soul stirrers like Mahalia, Aretha or Ella and other hidden figures, we sometimes overlook

Woman you are strong, resilient and kind, you are unique

In all the ways, for all the days, you touch lives, too many for one to speak

You cultivate, curate and elevate the lives of those around you

They say man is the head, but you certainly are not the tail

There have been many mighty women before you, so go on a blaze your trail

And little ones, your time is coming, it’s in your DNA

With those Barbies or Legos or computer games, we know you’re building your dream

Our future architects, engineers, designers, you’re surely picking up STEAM

And yes Madam President, we are closer to that dream, that will one day become reality

Not reinventing, but coming through with originality

Woman, you may be small in stature, but that doesn’t really matter

You’ve carried the world on your shoulders, it’s problems on your back

You’ve birthed leaders and nations, how can anyone think that there is anything you lack

You are my superhero, better yet my super-shero

You are light, you are love, you’re sent from God above

Woman, you are beautiful, this is my tribute to you, with love.

Lift up the women, young ladies and young girls in your life, empower them to be bold, courageous and live authentic lives and take the time to…Get Caryed Away.

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