Your Voice

There was a little girl, who at 8 years old, she stopped speaking. She thought that her voice had killed a man. For 5 year she spoke to almost no one, except for her little brother. She selected to mute herself, but thank God, she open her mouth. That young girl was Maya Angelou. Imagine if the world had not heard her booming, soulful, powerful voice.

If you don't use your voice, how will the lives of other be changed? Your voice isn't only meant for you, if it were, we wouldn't need sound. When we constantly mute ourselves, we are limiting the gifts that we have to pass on to others. Your voice wasn't meant for you, your gift and service, isn't meant for you. We have been given a voice to change the lives of others.

I have been one that was afraid of using my voice. I've coached friends in business decisions, in financial breakthroughs and even marriage relationships. At first, I didn't see myself as a coach, I was just being a good friend. I was blessed enough to share with a couple, and using my voice, may have changed their lives.

Tears of joy flooded my eyes as I read this blog post. This was not the first time that I have seen the impact of my voice and allowing God to use me, but to me this held more meaning. To change a marriage has ripple effects beyond what one could ever know. These exercises, that I worked through myself, worked for them as well. Even though, I was no longer waiting for it, this validated my purpose.

Using the term "your voice" is more metaphorical than anything else. Your voice, is anything you are supposed to do in life, your purpose, not just the sound that escapes your lips and draws attention. It is the writer, speaker, painter, doctor, missionary that you should be that changes the lives of others.

If your voice was meant for only for you, we would need sound. Those who may be watching you in your growth or whose lives you may change in relation are the ones who benefit from your voice. The sound of your voice has the ability to reverberate through time, places and through the lives of those who listen.

You'll never know how much your voice matters until you speak, share, do, whatever your life's purpose is. The validation or affirming of that purpose may not show itself immediately, but it will come. Raise your voice and Get Caryed Away.

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